In 2022 Tom Stock founded S/ASH a non profit digital zine, creative community and pop up event that supports essex based humans who like to create.

The story of S/ASH

Inspired by feelings brought on by imposter's syndrome, the mission statement for S/ASH is to platform the works of Essex based humans. Every digital issue of the zine is free to read and creatives will never be charged to submit their work. The name S/ASH comes from the changing ways we describe ourselfs using slashes /// for example founder Tom Stock self decribes as a creative/producer/campaigner but often spends most of his time being a father/student/manager.

On 19th August 2022 S/ASH had a pop up stall at Colchester Pride to publicise open submissions for the first issue. At the pop up people could finger paint on a large canvas that was the genesis of the KALEIDOSCOPE project.

issue three - JOY

The theme for Issue Three of S/ASH is JOY and made available on 31/12/23. Special shout out to the Young Art Kommunity (YAK) for creating the individual peices that came together to make the cover angel - more of their work can be seen via

issue two - PRIDE

The theme for Issue Two of S/ASH is PRIDE and made available on 24/08/23. Special shout out to Joe Eason for creating the stunning cover - more of his work can be found at

To celebrate the release of Issue Two a launch event was held at patch, Colchester. The event was sold out with all ticket and raffle proceeds donated to Colchester Pride, raising over £150.

issue one - S/ASH

The inaugural issue of S/ASH was made available on 01/02/23 and features many amazing Essex based talents. Cover design by Tom Stock.